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Younger Next Year the Book and Journal Gift Set for Women

Christopher Crowley, Dr. Henry S. Lodge

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01 Mar 2012
432 pages - 130 x 203mm

The gift to give others. The gift to give yourself. The gift that combines a bestselling programme for becoming younger and healthier with a fully-fledged 52-week journal that makes it easier to change your life, bringing planning, record- keeping, and motivation to the equation. For gym-goers who haven’t yet bought the book, for the fitness-minded, for husbands and wives making a commitment to one another—for anyone looking to turn back the biological clock and live fit, strong, and sexy into their 80s and beyond—it’s exactly the right gift.

9780761147749 Younger Next Year for Women (book only)

Younger Next Year: The Book & Journal Gift Set for Women combines Younger Next Year for Women with an edition of the Younger Next Year Journal. It shows how to become functionally younger through a program of exercise, diet, and emotional connection, and continue to live to the end of your years with newfound vitality and pleasure.

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