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Dan Lenson Novels

Tipping Point: The War with China - The First Salvo

David Poyer

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01 Jan 2017
528 pages - 190 x 104 x 30mm
Dan Lenson Novels


When Medal of Honor Holder Captain Dan Lenson takes an experimental antiballistic missle cruiser into the Indian Ocean, he can't imagine what he's getting into. USS Savo Island must navigate treacherous waters as tensions in Asia reach the boiling point… and his ship stands alone between two nations on the brink of nuclear war.

A showdown between India and Pakistan has begun and now China is taking advantage of it to redraw the map of the Pacific. It's up to Lenson, under fire both at sea and from Washington, to cope with rogue militias, a deadly tsunami, a divided crew, a shadowy criminal on board… and, by the way, try to prevent worldwide thermonuclear destruction.

CHINA SEA 9780312202873, THREAT THE (Hardback) 9780312339616, (Paperback) 9780312948542, CRUISER 9781250020581, TIPPING POINT 9781250054432, WHITENESS OF THE WHALE, THE 9781250020567, GHOSTING (Paperback) 9780312549282 and (Hardback) 9780312613020

The action packed fifteenth novel in David Poyer's acclaimed series of naval adventures featuring Dan Lenson.

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