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This Is Me

Jamie Lee Curtis, Laura Cornell

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01 Oct 2016
32 pages - 279 x 228 x 8mm

What would you take?

Imagine you were leaving for a new country and could bring only what would fit in a small suitcase. Which things would you choose to say to the world, "Hi there, this is me!".

In this picture, various children - inspired by their remarkable teacher - talk about what they'd bring with them if they could take only one suitcase to their new home: photographs, a favourite book, grandfather's beret. Which things do they love most? What best expresses who they are? At the end, the question is posed to the reader: "What would you take? Which things would say to the world, this is me!". The book ends with a pop up suitcase, which the child can then fill with his or her favourite things.

From the New York Times bestselling team of Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell, a picture book (with a pop up suitcase!) that explores and celebrates identity and where our families come from.

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