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The Last Place on Earth

Carol Snow

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01 Mar 2017
320 pages - 210 x 140 x 20mm


Henry Hawking is sixteen years old, brilliant, funny, and sly and now he's missing. But no one seems worried except his best friend, Daisy Cruz, who knows that Henry's security obsessed parents would never leave town without taking proper precautions. And Henry would never go away without saying good-bye.

Daisy considers all the obvious explanations for Henry's disappearance (federal witness protection program, alien abduction) before breaking into Henry's house. In his room, she finds a note that pleads, SAVE ME.

Desperate to find Henry, Daisy follows his trail deep into the California wilderness. What she finds there makes her wonder if she ever knew Henry at all . . . and if the world as she knows it will ever be the same.

In this thrilling YA novel, a girl sets out to save her best friend when he mysteriously disappears and ends up on an adventure she never planned for.

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