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The Kids' Book of Paper Love

Irene Smit

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Paperback (BC)
01 Oct 2019
188 pages - 165 x 216 x 12mm


Here are pages and pages of beautiful paper that begs to be cut up, crafted with, doodled on, and shared, plus Flow's signature pull-out goodies: paper banners, postcards, stickers, paper dolls, and posters too. There are beautiful bookmarks to snip out. Trading cards to write on, with sweet prompts like “I think you’re great because…” Brightly patterned strips of paper make a festive paper chain, and DIY photo booth props - like a funny mustache or a crown - make posing with friends even more fun. As with any Flow adventure, perfect results aren’t the goal - getting lost in the flow of the creative process is. Combining the pleasure of hands-on activity with the beautiful production values that are the trademark of Flow’s adult books, calendars, and stationery, The Kids’ Book of Paper Love helps young readers slow down, enjoy the pleasures of crafting, and relish screen-free play.
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Announcing Flow for kids - and the perfect launch to share its mission of creativity, paper love, and unplugged fun (not to mention mindfulness) with younger readers. Modelled on Flow’s Annual Book for Paper Lovers magazine special, which sells 100,000 copies annually, here is a joyful celebration of something kids love to do: make things with their hands!
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