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The Detour

S. A. Bodeen

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01 Nov 2016
240 pages - 210 x 140 x 15mm

Livvy Flynn is a seventeen year old bestselling author whose YA fiction has sold all over the world. People in the industry kiss up to her. She's rich, she's famous, and she's full of herself.

When she's invited to a writers' retreat, she decides to accept so she can work on her next book and enjoy the admiration and envy of the other writers. Plus, she has a new, cute sports car, and it'll be fun to drive there by herself.

And then she hits the detour. Before she knows it, the car is wrecked, she's hurt, and she's trapped in a basement, with no idea where she is. A woman and her apparently manic daughter have kidnapped her. And they have no intention of letting her go.

THE FALLOUT ISBN 9781250050786

On her way to a writer's conference, a bestselling teenage author takes a detour deliberately set up by her biggest fans - a mother-daughter team who kidnap her.

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