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The Book of Nice: A Nice Book About Nice Things for Nice People

Josh Chetwynd

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01 May 2013
428 pages - 152 x 101mm

The Book of Nice proves that nice is more than good-it's funny, weird, heartfelt and surprising. In short, amusing entries, Josh Chetwynd examines the stories behind acts of kindness (helping someone cross the street), gratitude (why we say "hello"), praise (standing ovation), and symbols of love (the iconic red heart). Obsessive and wide-ranging the book also includes lists (how to say thank you in 40 different languages), timelines (Nice Moments in History, Nice Moments in Sports), along with some shorter entries and quirkier topics (everyday "nice" things like soft toilet paper, deodorant, toothbrushes, etc). Josh has more than just a good eye for quirky facts-he makes you believe that these seemingly small stories tell us something positive-and hopeful-about the way we live today.

A compendium of entertaining origin stories of all things "nice"-from the high-five to the mint on your hotel pillow.

Impulse for trivia lovers and history buffs; a perfect "pick-me-up" gift book

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