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The Unicorn Rescue Society

The Basque Dragon: The Unicorn Rescue Society

Adam Gidwitz

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Paperback (BC)
01 Nov 2019
208 pages - 198 x 130 x 12mm
The Unicorn Rescue Society


Across the vast, blue ocean, in the mountains of the Basque Country, a fearsome creature has gone missing. And the Unicorn Rescue Society are the only ones who can save it. Elliot and Uchenna - and Jersey! - have barely recovered from their first adventure with Professor Fauna when he approaches them with an all-new quest. Except this time they’re going to have to cross an ocean. In the mountains of the Basque Country, the Unicorn Rescue Society must track down a missing dragon. But how could someone even kidnap a dragon? And for what evil purpose? And is their newest, fire-breathing rescue more than they can handle? New challenges await in this second book in the Unicorn Rescue Society series, a brand-new fantasy-adventure from Adam Gidwitz, the beloved bestselling and Newbery Honor-winning author of The Inquisitors Tale and A Tale Dark & Grimm. Illustrated throughout, it’s the perfect fit for newly independent readers looking for a story full of adventure, fun, and friendship.
The Unicorn Rescue Society: The Basque Dragon 9780735231733, The Unicorn Rescue Society: The Creature of the Pines 9780735231702 and The Unicorn Rescue Society: Sasquatch and the Muckleshoot 9780735231764
The first two adventures of the Unicorn Rescue Society are coming to paperback with a lively cover update and a brand-new bonus story.
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