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Strike Witches: 1937 Fuso Sea Incident Vol. 2

Humikane Shimada, Ningen

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01 Nov 2014
Seven Seas
192 pages - 181 x 127 x 15mm

It has been nearly twenty years since the last Great War, and while smaller skirmishes are still taking place across the world, peace is mostly the norm. In the Fuso Empire, Sakamoto Mio is about to join the war effort against the Neuroi alien invaders. She will have to distinguish herself among the other hardworking cadets if she is to become a full-fledged Strike Witch. Soon, she will have the chance to prove herself in battle, as the Neuroi launch their latest brutal attack.

9781626920477 Strike Witches: 1937 Fuso Sea Incident Vol 1, 9781626920286 Strike Witches: Maidens in the Sky Vol 1

Strike Witches is a highly popular dieselpunk franchise that spans manga, light novels, video games, and anime. The series reimagines World War II as a confrontation between the allied human forces and an invading alien menace. Most of the battles featured are fictional recreations of actual World War II dogfights, but in this alternate history, teen girls with advanced weaponry and magic powers perform aeriel combat against alien aircraft.

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