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Speak Up!: A Guide to Having Your Say and Speaking Your Mind

Halley Bondy

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01 Nov 2015
Zest Books
144 pages - 190 x 139 x 8mm

School is a tough time for nearly everyone, but it can be especially hard on girls. Between social and cultural pressures, academic challenges, family dynamics, changing hormones, and a growing awareness of the world around them, school girls often end up feeling voiceless and powerless. They can struggle with speaking in class, standing up for their beliefs, navigating complicated social situations, and getting their voices heard. By presenting real issues and scenarios that girls will recognize from their own day-to-day lives, as well as exploring the negative thoughts and feelings that can hold them back, Speak Up supplies girls with the tools they need to understand their feelings and speak up in any situation.

A Guide to Having Your Say and Speaking Your Mind

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