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Maxine's Critters Get the Vaccine Jitters: A cheerful and encouraging story to soothe kids’ fear of shots

Jan Zauzmer

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Hardback (BB)
14 Mar 2022
The Experiment
32 pages - 235 x 210 x 10mm


A shot can be a little frightening—but it’s quick, as quick as lightning! When Maxine tells her pets, “Let’s get to the vet!” Scott does not want a shot. Jervis is nervous, Franky is cranky, Biffy is iffy, and Cary is wary. Can Maxine help her critters get over their jitters . . .? Perfect for any child afraid of shots or needles, this rhyming book is a “must-read-aloud”! Spunky Maxine takes charge of her vaccine fears with a playful game of pretend: Her adorable stuffed animals are the patients, and Dad steps in as the “vet.”
Just in time for the kids’ covid vaccine - and relevant to any pediatric shot - Maxine’s Critters Get the Vaccine Jitters will delight children ages 5 and under who face this understandable fear. No need to be grouchy about this little ouchy!
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