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Kokoro Yoga: Maximize Your Human Potential and Develop the Spirit of a Warrior--the SEALfit Way

Mark Divine

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01 May 2016
272 pages - 231 x 190 x 17mm

From retired Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine, the New York Times bestselling author of 8 Weeks to SEALFIT, comes this unique and targeted approach to yoga. SEALFIT Yoga for Warriors is an intense physical workout designed for both the nation's elite special ops soldiers, and the regular athlete with the heart and mind of a warrior. Coach Divine has honed his training regimen through years of personal and professional training. To be SEALFIT (tm) requires a harmonious balance between mental and physical toughness, strength, and agility. Yoga is the perfect practice to develop this balance.

With SEALFIT Yoga for Warriors the athlete will:

· master the unbeatable mind

· get the best full-body workout through body-weight training

· increase flexibility while building long lean muscle mass

· improve physical and mental balance

· find harmony between emotional, physical, and mental strength, the qualities that make a Navy SEAL

The SEALFit Yoga warrior will be able to apply the benefits of these workouts to all aspects of their daily lives, enhancing their existing workout regimens and cultivating new ones. Coach Divine's methods have been tested by the strongest, toughest warriors in the country. Join the movement.

An intense yoga fitness book designed for warriors by the NYT bestselling author of 8 Weeks to Sealfit.

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