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Just in Case: How to be Self-Sufficient When the Unexpected Happens

Kathy Harrison

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26 Sep 2008
Storey Publishing
256 pages - 232 x 184 x 16mm
Author Kathy Harrison guides readers through the empowering process of setting up such a home system with her OAR method - Organize existing supplies, Acquire additional necessities, Rotate everything for freshness. Her comprehensive coverage of emergency preparedness includes food storage, alternative heating sources, personal supplies for every family member, entertainment ideas, toiletry and proper clothing, pet supplies, emergency family communication plans, and neighbourhood cooperatives.In addition to preparing the home for extended periods without electricity, Harrison also discusses evacuation plans - where to go, how to meet up with family, what to pack, and how best to protect all that's being left behind. Self-sufficiency at home or in a temporary safe haven takes away much of the fear and helplessness associated with disasters. "Just in Case" puts the power back in the hands of individuals who are equipped and ready to take over when public services fail.Disasters can strike an entire region or a single unlucky family. They can be brought on by weather (hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, wildfires, severe heat or cold, landslides) or by man (terrorism, acts of war, simple human error). Whatever the cause, these catastrophic events have the potential to disrupt routines and cost money and lives. Why not be one of the prepared few? Just in case...

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