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Jack London: An American Life

Earle Labor

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01 Dec 2014
480 pages - 210 x 140 x 36mm

Jack London was born a working-class, fatherless Californian in 1876. In his youth he was a boundlessly energetic adventurer on the bustling West Coast—by turns playing the role of hobo, sailor, prospector, and oyster pirate. He spent his brief life rapidly accumulating the experiences that would inform his acclaimed, bestselling books The Call of the Wild, White Fang, and The Sea Wolf.
     London was plagued by contradictions. He chronicled nature at its most savage but wept helplessly at the deaths of his favourite animals. At his peak as the highest-paid writer in America, he was nevertheless constantly broke. An irrepressibly optimistic crusader for social justice, he burned himself out at forty: sick, angry, and disillusioned, but left behind a voluminous literary legacy, much of it ripe for rediscovery.
     In Jack London, the noted scholar Earle Labor explores the forgotten London—at once a hard-living globe-trotter and a man alive with ideas, whose passion for social justice roared until the day he died. Returning London to his proper place in the American pantheon, Labor resurrects a major American novelist in his full fire and glory.

9780374178482 Jack London (Hardback)

A revelatory look at the life of the great American author—and how it shaped his most beloved works

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