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Kate Burkholder

Her Last Breath: A Novel

Linda Castillo

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01 Jan 2017
336 pages - 172 x 104 x 21mm
Kate Burkholder


It’s a rainy night in Painter’s Mill when, from out of nowhere, a speeding car comes hurtling toward an Amish man and his three children. What at first seems like a tragic but routine car accident becomes personal for Chief of Police Kate Burkholder when she discovers that the victims are the family of her childhood friend, Mattie.

As Kate delves into the investigation, she comes face-to-face with her own Amish past and memories of growing up with Mattie, an extraordinary beauty for whom trouble has never been far behind. Is there something more to this mysterious car crash that killed Mattie’s husband? What is Mattie hiding and who is she trying to protect? Meanwhile, Mattie’s son - the only one who really knows what happened clings to life in the hospital, unable to communicate. Desperate for answers, Kate slowly uncovers the trail of a stone-cold killer - one who is likely living among the Amish, and calls into question everything and everyone Kate has ever known…

AMONG THE WICKED 9781250061577

A hit-and-run accident tears an amish community apart in this novel of breathless suspense from NYT bestseller Linda Castillo.

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