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An Otter Lake Mystery

Haunted Hayride with Murder: An Otter Lake Mystery

Auralee Wallace

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Paperback (BC)
01 Nov 2018
Macmillan [1570]
272 pages - 173 x 104 x 17mm
An Otter Lake Mystery


Is there a ghost on the loose in Otter Lake, or is there a more earthly explanation for murder? Autumn has hit Otter Lake, New Hampshire and nothing can stop Erica Bloom’s love for everything the season has to offer: changing leaves, apple cider, warm sweaters... not to mention her rekindled friendship with Sheriff Grady Forrester is getting cozy. But Halloween thrills turn to real-life terror when a murder, and a local ghost story, put a chill on all of Erica’s plans. Spooky tales aside, the family of the decease suspect an earthlier culprit than the ghost of a long dead witch, so they hire Erica Bloom and the rest of Otter Lake Security to expose the killer. Will they be able to lay this ghost to rest? Or will this witch hunt be their last? Auralee Wallace brings her signature charm to the sixth book in her Otter Lake mystery series!
Skinny Dipping with Murder 9781250077776
Erica Bloom and Otter Lake Security are once again on the case in the next installment in the hilarious Otter Lake mystery series.
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