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L. E. Modesitt, Jr.

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01 Mar 2016
536 pages - 172 x 104 x 32mm


Ten years ago, Jonat deVrai was a rising star in the Marines. But he shocked his superiors by walking away from the Corps after witnessing atrocity and hypocrisy. Starting his life over, he established himself as the world's expert on the effectiveness of "prod" product placement, the only advertising which viewers will allow through the sophisticated filters they all use against unwanted intrusions on their electronic link networks. Prod, reinforced with sublims and the "res" resonant frequencies, a form of sonic branding is the wave of the future. Then Jonat's comfortable world is upset when the Centre for Societal Research approaches him to study the effects of res and prod on political campaigns. After a res-heavy political rally for Laborite Republican Senatorial candidate Juan Carlismo, armed thugs jump deVrai in a parking garage. A day later, a sniper ambushes him. What looked like a safe, lucrative contract has suddenly turned dangerous. With his life on the line, deVrai must sort flash from fact before it's too late.

Flash is a riveting blend of all-out thriller and thoughtful social, political, and technological exploration as only Modesitt could write it.

HERITAGE OF CYADOR ISBN 9780765381903 (Paperback), 9780765376138 (Hardback), DAWN FOR A DISTANT EARTH ISBN 9780765378156, THE SOPRANO SORCERESS ISBN 9780765377753 and THE ONE-EYED MAN ISBN 9780765370419

A science fiction adventure set in the world of Archform: Beauty, Modesitt's most acclaimed SF novel.

Modesitt returns to the twenty-fourth century future of Archform: Beauty.

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