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Mini House Books

Fire Truck

Peter Lippman

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Novelty book
26 Mar 2002
20 pages - 102 x 73 x 57mm
Mini House Books
The Mini-House Book popped a wheelie! Four wheels, in fact. Announcing MINI WHEEL BOOKS, a new series of irresistible die-cut board-books-as-vehicles from Peter Lippman, creator of the Mini House Book series, with over 2.2 million copies in print. Chunky, colourful, and lively, with doors that open and windows to explore, packed with adorable characters and rhyming action - and made fully mobile through the addition of real working wheels - each MINI WHEELS BOOK is a delightful ride through the reader's imagination. Join the crew on the MINI FIRE TRUCK, name all its fascinating paraphernalia, work with the equipment - and rush off to the fire, where the firehouse dog makes a heroic save. It's all the fun of reading, on the go.

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