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Dragon Bones: The Fantastic Fossil Discoveries of Mary Anning

Sarah Glenn Marsh

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Hardback (BB)
07 Mar 2022
Macmillan [1570]
48 pages - 279 x 228 x 10mm


At home in her seaside town in England, little Mary Anning stared out her window. Unlike other children, Mary couldn't wait for a rainy day. Because when it rained . . . the bones were revealed. With her father and brother, Mary would go out searching the damp soil after a storm, with the hopes of finding something nobody had seen before: a dinosaur. After her father dies, Mary must continue her search, picking up his tools and venturing out alone. In her life, she discovered several creatures, but was never given credit . . . until recently. This eye-opening biography shatters expectations and brings together two creators who are as passionate about their subject as they are about their art. Inspiring, this true adventure begs for re-reads.
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A gorgeous picture book biography of fossil hunter Mary Anning, who discovered a dinosaur skeleton that changed the landscape of paleontology.
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