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Bouchon Bakery

Thomas Keller, Sebastien Rouxel

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01 Oct 2012
400 pages - 279 x 279mm


Bouchon Bakery is co-authored by Sebastien Rouxel, whose skills and craftsmanship make every page a new lesson: it could be a subtlety that ensures a professional finish, or a flash of ingenuity that reveals a whole new way to heighten flavour and enhance texture. The deft twists, perfectly written recipes, and dazzling photographs make perfection inevitable, whether you’re making a doughnut or an éclair, a croissant or a cream puff.

The Candy and Confections chapter offers unimaginable treats: peppermint patties with creamy centres, nut-laden nougat, fruit jellies, caramel popcorn, Flavoured marshmallows, and bonbons, as well as holiday delights. Each recipe provides weights for ingredients, as well as volume measures, and directions for standard and convections ovens.

The recipes here run the gamut from the very simple to the complex, but all are readily doable with many do-ahead steps and brilliant guidance from three exceptional chefs: Thomas Keller, Sebastien Rouxel, and Matthew McDonald.

Ad Hoc at Home 9781579653774, Under Pressure 9781579653514, Bouchon 9781579652395, The French Laundry Cookbook 9781579651268

First there was The French Laundry Cookbook (“A testament to the work of one of the best chefs in America” —The New York Times). Then came Bouchon (“Invaluable” —Los Angeles Times). Next was Under Pressure (“Reveals why the world’s most progressive chefs continue to be obsessed with sous-vide cooking” —Food & Wine). And finally, Ad Hoc at Home (“Accessible and dazzling beautiful” —Publishers Weekly). Now, nearly a million copies later, we are proud to present Bouchon Bakery, a spectacular collection of recipes and techniques, a major achievement, and an essential addition to the cookbook shelf.

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