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All the Odes

Pablo Neruda, Ilan Stavans

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01 Nov 2013
880 pages - 235 x 156 x 28mm

Pablo Neruda was a master of the ode, which he conceived as an homage to just about everything that surrounded him, from an artichoke to the clouds in the sky, from the moon to his own friendship with Federico García Lorca and his favourite places in Chile. He was in his late forties when he committed himself to writing an ode a week and in the end produced a total of 225, which are dispersed throughout his varied oeuvre. This bilingual volume, edited by Ilan Stavans, a distinguished translator and scholar of Latin American literature, gathers all the odes together for the first time in any language. Rendered into English by an assortment of accomplished translators that include Philip Levine, Paul Muldoon, Mark Strand, and Margaret Sayers Peden, collectively they read like the personal diary of a man in search of meaning, who sings to life itself, to our connection to one another, and to the place we have in nature and the cosmos. The odes are also a lasting statement on the role of poetry as a lighting-rod during tumultuous times.

<p>Pablo Neruda (1904-73) was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1971. His books include "Residence on""Earth," "Canto General," "Extravagaria," and "Isla Negra." Ilan Stavans is the Lewis-Sebring Professor in Latin American and Latino Culture at Amherst College.

A career-spanning volume, charting the Nobel laureate's work in the ode form

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