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Pipsticks Workman

A Little Book of Big Stickers: 20 Huge Word Stickers

Pipsticks® Workman®

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Stickers (PP)
01 May 2019
20 pages - 178 x 127 x 4mm
Pipsticks Workman


Stickers make people happy. And Pipsticks Workman, the creative partnership between Workman Publishing and Mo Vázquez’s subscription sticker club, knows that more stickers = more fun. The super-quirky, super-trendy gift line - with 215,000 copies in print - introduces all-new sticker books for stationery and sticker lovers. Personalise a planner (or phone case, or laptop) with A Little Book of Big Stickers series: three small books featuring 20 HUGE, eye-catching stickers (one of which is puffy, peeking through a cool die-cut cover!), each with a different theme. There’s Love, with geometric hearts and friendship bracelets. Magical: Think dreamy unicorns and shooting stars. And Words, with catchy, cheeky phrases that will make you smile, like “I’m here for the snacks.” Bonus: Each book features lots of little stickers, too!
Fun Stuff Inside 9781523504633, Big Ideas Inside 9781523504657, Great Things Inside 9781523504640, The Fun Has Just Begun 9781523504787, Dreaming in Color 9781523504770, The Future Is Bright 978152350479 and Hands Off My Stickers 9781523504800
A bright, fun, new sticker book with 19 oversized glossy stickers and one big puffy sticker (and lots of little ones, too!) featuring hand-lettered words and phrases, from the passionate and creative team behind Pipsticks Workman. These one-of-a-kind big stickers are right on trend, popping up on laptops, cell phone cases, and notebooks everywhere.
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