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The Amassia Series

Curse of Shadows

A.K. Wilder

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Hardback (BB)
09 Jan 2023
Macmillan [1570]
400 pages - 211 x 137 x 46mm
The Amassia Series


Ash’s life turns upside down as she and Marcus’s company flee Aku, racing against time to warn their realm of imminent attack. But upon reaching Baiseen, they find they have more to worry about than warships, catapults, and rogue phantoms. As battle rages around them, they are sent on a secret quest to unearth the twelve original whistle bones that will protect their realm from annihilation. When Ash becomes the target of an unseen assassin, Kaylin, the boson’s mate, risks his deepest secret to save her life. The weight of the world tips as the once-heir, a young sailor, and the recorder who loves them both are forced to make choices that may sunder them forever… but maybe, just maybe, save the world.
Crown of Bones 9781640634145
Unearth the bones in the thrilling sequel to AK Wilder’s sweeping and romantic fantasy, sure to delight readers with magic and adventure.
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