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Would You Rather Be a Princess or a Dragon?

Barney Saltzberg

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01 Oct 2016
32 pages - 228 x 228 x 8mm

Some little ones want to be princesses; others want to be dragons. The message of this book is that you can actually be both!

There are lots of things you can be: a little wild, a little sweet. A little polite, a little troublesome. A little dainty, a little dragony.

There's nothing stopping you from being just what you want to be . . . so which would you rather be: a princess or a dragon? Here's just the book to help you sort through that difficult question. You might be surprised at what you decide by its end.

A LITTLE BIT OF OOMPH! ISBN 9780761177449, TEA WITH GRANDPA ISBN 9781596438941 and Redbird: Friends Come in Different Sizes ISBN 9780761181903
A hilarious, subversive rhyming princess book . . . with a twist. Which would you rather be?

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