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What About Us?: A New Parents Guide to Safeguarding Your Over-Anxious, Over-Extended, Sleep-Deprived Relationship

Karen Kleiman

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Hardback (BB)
10 Jan 2022
128 pages - 178 x 178 x 12mm


The demands of a new baby can test a couple’s relationship like nothing else! When we factor in sleep deprivation, hormonal changes, depression and anxiety, and different personalities, life with a newborn can feel a bit CRAZY. Couples tend to misinterpret this rough patch as a sign that something is wrong with the relationship, but when couples take steps toward open communication and safeguard their relationship, they can face everything new parenthood throws at them together. From the team behind the bestselling Good Moms Have Scary Thoughts comes a new guidebook of short essays, comics, and quick journal prompts about the stressful newborn stage, the struggles that so many new parents face, and the skills you need to tap into your strength as a couple.
From the author and illustrator of Good Moms Have Scary Thoughts, a guidebook for new parents packed with poignant comics and tips to help couples maintain a strong relationship with all the stress a beautiful baby brings.
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