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Wake the Hollow

Gaby Triana

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01 Sep 2016
304 pages - 205 x 137 x 21mm


Tragedy has brought Micaela Burgos back to her hometown of Sleepy Hollow. It's been six years since she chose to live with her affluent father in Miami instead of her history obsessed eccentric mother. And now her mother is dead.

But while Sleepy Hollow was made immortal by literature, the town is real. So are its prejudices and hatred, targeting Mica's Cuban family and the secrets of their heritage that her mother obsessed over. But ghostly voices whisper in the wind, questioning whether her mother’s death might not have been an accident after all, and Mica knows there's a reason she's here.

With the help of two very different guys, who pull at her heart in very different ways, Micaela must uncover the hidden secret of Sleepy Hollow before she meets her mother's fate.

Driven by a strong yet vulnerable heroine and a haunting mystery, this modern day twist on The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is perfect for anyone in the mood for a thrilling read.

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