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Vital Yoga: A Source Book for Students and Teachers

Meta Chaya Hirschl

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01 Jan 2012
The Experiment
320 pages - 216 x 254mm

Long-time yoga teacher Meta Chaya Hirschl opens the door to the full vision of yoga with this guide—especially suited to the growing legions of serious yoga students and yoga teachers, and intended to enrich any chosen style of practice. Vital Yoga’s three sections—Before the Mat, On the Mat, and Into the World—cover many essential topics, while keeping a focus throughout on the eight limbs of yoga as presented in the original yogic literature. Mantras, poses, breath work, meditation, yoga therapy for everything from low back or knee pain to depression, and invitations to delve further into the heart of yoga are all included, as well as recipes, the derivation of terms, compassionate communication guidelines, basic teaching principles, wisdom from the great sages, and illuminating accounts by contemporary yogis. Throughout, readers are guided to connect to their inner selves and quiet the mind, transcend fear, emotional turmoil, and attachment to the stresses of life—and achieve bliss.

A highly visual resource by a long-time yoga teacher that provides a spiritual and historical framework to enrich the practise of yoga for students and teachers.

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