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Unlikely Friendships for Kids: The Monkey & the Dove: and Four Other Stories of Animal Friendships

Jennifer Holland

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01 May 2012
48 pages - 120 x 178mm

Prepare to enter an even more adorable animal kingdom of interspecies friendships—because this time, it’s for kids! Jennifer Holland’s bestselling book of unlikely animal friendships has been converted into three chapter books for young readers. Each features five amazing stories from the original, rewritten for young readers.

Off the coast of southern China, a young monkey befriends a lonely white dove. A South African elephant is adopted by a lovable sheep named Albert. A young leopard seeks comfort, friendship, and cuddles from a domestic cow in India.

These incredible stories of interspecies friendships, accompanied by amazing photographs, will captivate young readers’ imaginations and encourage them to keep reading. They are the perfect gifts for little animal lovers.

Unlikely Friendships 9780761159131, Unlikely Friendships For Kids: The Dog & the Piglet 9780761170129, Unlikely Friendships For Kids: The Leopard & the Cow 9780761170136

The bestselling, aww-inspiring phenomenon— now for kids!

For young readers ages 7 and up

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