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Traditional Jewish Baking: Retro Recipes Your Grandma Would Make… If She Had a Mixer

Carine Goren

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01 Oct 2016
Page Street Publishing
240 pages - 228 x 203 x 15mm


While today’s kitchens have become more technologically advanced, there is an increasing amount of new bakers who wish to learn their families’ good old recipes. These traditional, homey treats have been passed down from one generation to the next, but are not without their assumptions – sometimes we all wish we could ask our grandmas what “as much as it takes” really means!

Carine Goren, a baking phenomenon on Israeli TV, has spent years patiently researching and testing to determine the best of our grandmothers’ recipes and make them approachable in a modern kitchen. You’ll learn her authentic secrets to recreate traditional Jewish baked goods as recreated in Israel, from cakes, pies, cookies, nostalgic creamy desserts, holiday desserts and homemade candies, as well as some new favourites that’ll satisfy any sweet tooth. In the section “Grandma’s Bakery,” you’ll learn to make the comfort cakes that are missed the most: Apple Meringue Crumble Cake, Chocolate Marbled Chiffon Cake and Super-Moist Semolina-Coconut Cake. In another section, “Not Your Grandma’s Cake,” you’ll see how easy bakery-quality treats can be with a precise recipe and a mixer, from The Only Babka Recipe You’ll Ever Need to Schmetten Torte.

Our grandmothers were dedicated to feeding and nurturing their families, and now you can experience that devotion in a modern way.

Enjoy a sweet trip down memory lane and grasp your guide to keepsake recipes with new and simple techniques to old favourites from one of the most celebrated cooking traditions.

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