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Tomodachi x Monster Vol. 1

Yoshihiko Inui, Jason DeAngelis

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01 Mar 2016
Seven Seas
180 pages - 180 x 127 x 8mm

Tomodachi x Monster is a new manga series that is a mash up the survival horror genre with Pokémon-style monsters who must fight each other to the death. Fans of Magical Girl Apocalypse will be delighted with this violently realistic tale that imagines the bloody mayhem that ensues when elementary school students gain monster pets.

Tomodachi x Monster is a three-volume series filled with cute yet gorily-detailed illustrations. Each volume ofTomodachi x Monster contains a colour insert.

In a small mountainous village in rural Japan, strange creatures lurk. A young boy, friendless and neglected, hears a distant voice calling out to him. He soon discovers a new "friend" that will transform his life forever. He learns that there is a hidden world of monsters that seek to befriend young children, and together, they must enter a horrifying death match. Watch what really happens when kids with no conscience get hold of monstrous friends to do their bidding.

For fans of Magical Girl Apocalypse, a new, deadly take on Pokémon.

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