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Time-Out for Sophie

Rosemary Wells

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Board book
01 Nov 2015
26 pages - 177 x 139 x 6mm

Testing!  Testing!  Sophie really wants to be helpful and good, but she just can’t help testing the limits with her ever-patient mother, father, and grandma.  She dumps her dinner on the floor, helps Dad fold the laundry into a neat pile and then topples it over, snatches her grandmother’s glasses off her nose when she’s trying to read.  Then it’s Time Out for Sophie.  As adorable as she is naughty, Sophie is the quintessential two-year-old!

Time-Out for Sophie ISBN 9780670785117, Sophie's Terrible Twos ISBN 9780670785124 and Use Your Words, Sophie ISBN 9780670016631

The charming toddler-mouse character from Rosemary Wells - now available in board book!

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