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Thomas Keller Bouchon Collection

Thomas Keller

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01 Oct 2013
760 pages - 279 x 279mm


Bistro food is the food of happiness. The dishes have universal allure, whether it’s steak frites or a perfectly roasted chicken, onion soup or beef bourguignon. These are recipes that have endured for centuries, and they find their most perfect representation in the hands of the supremely talented Thomas Keller. And just as Bouchon demonstrated Keller’s ability to distill the sublime simplicity of bistro cooking to elevate it beyond what it had never been before, Bouchon Bakery is filled with baked goods that are a marvel of ingenuity and simplicity. From morning baguettes and almond croissants to fruit tarts and buttery brioche, these most elemental and satisfying of foods are treated with an unmatched degree of precision and creativity. With this exciting new collection, readers are sure to expand their knowledge, enrich their experience, and refine their technique.

Bouchon 9781579652395, Bouchon Bakery 9781579654351

The ultimate Christmas gift set from one of the world's most revered chefs: a boxed edition of two landmark cookbooks, the award winning Bouchon and the bestselling Bouchon Bakery.

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