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The Wicked Plants Coloring Book

Amy Stewart, Briony Morrow-Cribbs

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01 Sep 2016
96 pages - 254 x 203 x 4mm

Morrow-Cribbs’s exquisite etchings are now finely rendered colouring book art and are paired with brief facing page text from the original book. Together, each spread offers a fascinating portrait of the evildoers of the plant world, from the vine that ate the South (kudzu) to the weed that killed Lincoln’s mother (white snakeroot) to the world’s deadliest seed (rosary pea).

For nature lovers, garden enthusiasts, and colouring book addicts who think they’ve seen it all, here’s a coloring book they didn’t see coming: breathtakingly beautiful plants that maim, intoxicate, inflict pain, and even murder.

In this delightfully devilish colouring book, Amy Stewart and Briony Morrow-Cribbs bring us the forty most menacing botanical atrocities from their New York Times bestseller Wicked Plants.

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