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Natalie Lockhart

The Wicked Hour: A Natalie Lockhart Novel

Alice Blanchard

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Paperback (BC)
13 Dec 2021
Minotaur Books
304 pages - 210 x 137 x 10mm
Natalie Lockhart


The day after Burning Lake’s notorious, debauched Halloween celebration, Detective Natalie Lockhart uncovers a heartbreaking scene—a young woman, dead and lying in a dumpster. There’s no clue to who she is, save for a mystifying tattoo on her arm and a callus underneath her chin. She’s not from around here. No one knows who she is. As Natalie retraces the young woman’s steps leading up to her death, she uncovers a deeper, darker horror—a string of murders and disappearances, seemingly unconnected—that may have ties to each other, and explain the abrupt disappearance of her best friend years ago. As she digs deeper within the mind of the hunter, Natalie finds a darkness she could never have imagined. And as she draws closer to the truth, the killer is weaving a trap for her that may prove inescapable.
9781250753052 Trace of Evil
The discovery of a body on the morning after Halloween in an isolated New England town propels this compelling, character-driven follow-up to award-winning Alice Blanchard's Trace of Evil.
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