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The Weeknight Dinner Cookbook: Simple Family-Friendly Recipes for Everyday Home Cooking

Mary Younkin

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01 Sep 2016
192 pages - 228 x 203 x 8mm

Sample recipes from the book include Green Chile and Cheese Stuffed Chicken, Sunday Pot Roast and Honey Chipotle Meatloaf. The recipes are divided into chapters of cook or prep time-25 minutes or less to cook, 45 minutes or less to cook and 5-10 minutes to prep. Readers also get stress free weeknight desserts, such as Layered Cheesecake Cups, One Bowl Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake and 5 Minute Soft Serve Strawberry Ice Cream. Since Mary's son has a sensitivity to gluten, the desserts include gluten-free adaptations, perfect for families in similar situations.

Cooking from scratch is healthier and cheaper than eating out, and it has a way of bringing families closer together. The Weeknight Dinner Cookbook helps families eat at home during busy weeknights without stressing about cooking; they save money, eat good food and spend more quality time together.

Amazing stress free meals from scratch to feed your family throughout the week from a blogger with over 200,000 Facebook fans. The Weeknight Dinner Cookbook isn't just for people who want everyday quick & easy recipes; it's for those who want to take cooking from scratch to the next flavour level. The 100 recipes in this cookbook fit the bill - they are simple, quick to cook or prep and out-of-this-world delicious. Don't believe us? Just take Mary Younkin's large audience as testament to her skill - she has a following of over 200K fans on Facebook. Her recipes are easy to make, don't require fussy hard-to-find ingredients and always have a unique flavor element that makes them mmm-mmm good.

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