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The Very Best Dog: My Life Story as Told by My Human

Workman Publishing

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Hardback (BB)
18 Apr 2022
84 pages - 229 x 191 x 10mm


As any pet parent knows, life with a new dog is a time of excitement, discovery, and lots of firsts, making a new puppy deserving of a 'baby book' to celebrate and chronicle their milestones. Introducing The Very Best Dog, an adorable keepsake book to document the day you first welcome a (furry) family member into your home through your third year of adventures and cuddles. Filled with delightful four-colour illustrations and plenty of prompts, plus ample space for paw prints and photos - lots of photos - this book is a fun way for both adults and kids to honour their dog and celebrate the bonds they share. There’s room for writing about the important moments - from adoption stories to anniversaries, vacations to adorable mischief making. Space to paste in your favourite photos of your adorable fur-baby. Perfect for your own dog, or - in this cute package that includes a storage pocket and secure elastic closure - as a gift for any new dog parent.
9781523512317 The Very Best Cat
A keepsake for any dog owner, to track milestones and memories of time with their pup.
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