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The Sacred Blacksmith Vol. 7

Isao Miura, Kotaro Yamada

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01 Apr 2015
Seven Seas
192 pages - 208 x 147 x 10mm

Like her father and grandfather before her, Cecily Campbell has entered the noble ranks of the Knight Guard, sworn to protect the Independent Trade City of Housman. Now the time has come for Cecily to prove herself in battle. A veteran of the great Valbanill War goes berserk in the marketplace. Cecily
confronts him with the prized sword she inherited from her father—and it shatters to pieces!

All seems lost, when a lone figure swoops to the rescue, an expert swordsman with a sword unlike any Cecily has ever seen. His name is Luke Ainsworth, a blacksmith of much renown, who will forge a new sword for Cecily and join her down a path of magical adventure beyond her wildest dreams.

The Sacred Blacksmith Vol.1 9781937867324, The Sacred Blacksmith Vol.2 9781937867652, The Sacred Blacksmith Vol.3 9781937867836, The Sacred Blacksmith Vol.4 9781626920088, The Sacred Blacksmith Vol.5 9781626920408

The Sacred Blacksmith is a sweeping swords and sorcery epic about a female knight and her adventures with a young mysterious blacksmith. This manga is the seventh book in an ongoing series that features stunning artwork and colour inserts in each volume.

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