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Highland Warrior

The Rebel of Clan Kincaid

Lily Blackwood

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01 Jan 2017
352 pages - 172 x 104 x 22mm
Highland Warrior


Magnus isn't who he thought he was. Unbenownst even to the laird himself, Magnus is in fact Faelan Braewick the second son of the murdered Laird of Kincaid and his wife. Magnus wants nothing more than to unleash his revenge. Yet rather than reveal his identity outright he returns to Alwyn’s treacherous hall in search of answers about what really happened the night his parents were killed - but also to free the mysterious young woman imprisoned in the laird’s tower and claim her for his own.

Tara Iverach is a prisoner. Ordered to marry Bryce, the Laird Alwyn's brutish eldest son, she's been confined to the laird’s tower “for her own protection.” She fears the day she will be forced to marry Bryce… but fears even more that the laird has decided to keep her for himself. The only light in her days comes from Magnus and their fleeting glances and clandestine messages. But with her wedding day approaching and a dark secret rising to the surface, can Tara trust her heart to this rebel?

In the second sizzling book in a historical romance series set in the wilds of Scotland.

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