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The Practical Navigator

Stephen Metcalfe

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01 Sep 2016
320 pages - 230 x 155 x 30mm

Michael Hodge is a struggling contractor living in Southern California raising his autistic son, Jamie, on his own. When his long-absent wife Anita returns unannounced wanting - Michael isn't sure what - a reconciliation? A new relationship? Her role as their son's mother back? - Michael must decide whether to give her a second chance or protect his son from more hurt. Meanwhile, a burgeoning relationship that could be heading towards love is put on hold while Michael reexamines his feelings for this woman who abandoned them years earlier. With pitch perfect emotion and a beautiful portrayal of the relationship between a father and son, Stephen Metcalfe has drawn a rich and layered portrait of a what it means to be a family and what it means to be truly loved.

Stephen Metcalfe's adult debut about a family on the brink, and the fierce love between a parent and child that will ultimately hold it together.

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