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The Original Reverse Coloring Book: Through the Seasons

Kendra Norton

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Paperback (BC)
11 Apr 2022
104 pages - 279 x 216 x 5mm


Now comes the second book in the series, The Reverse Coloring Book: Through the Seasons, inspired by one of the most enduring motifs in art—how the seasons look and how they change. Created by Kendra Norton, Through the Seasons offers fifty beautiful and whimsical watercolors arranged in a way that flows through the year—spring with its bright florals, summer awash in heavenly greens and blues, the riotous colors of autumn, and the muted, soothing palette of a winter’s day. Each image provides a gentle visual guide for daydreamy exploration. Trace the shapes, draw in figures, doodle, shade, cover an area with dots. Be realistic, with a plan, or simply let your imagination drift, as if looking at clouds in the sky. The creative possibilities are endless. Images in the book are printed on sturdy paper that’s single-sided and perforated. All you need is a pen.
9781523515271 The Reverse Coloring Book
So simple. So profoundly satisfying. Introduced last fall, reverse coloring offers a whole new idea in coloring books and other meditative activities: The book has the colours, and you draw the lines. It’s an idea that truly lets your imagination run free while inviting you to slow down, enter a moment of mindfulness, and let your pen find its way over the page.
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