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The Hockey Stick Principles: The 4 Key Stages to Entrepreneurial Success

Bobby Martin

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01 May 2016
288 pages - 236 x 154 x 25mm

What if every successful start-up followed a predictable pattern, and by knowing that pattern ahead of time, you could be more successful? In The Hockey Stick Principles, business consultant Bobby Martin shares his study of more than 100 new businesses, from Lending Tree to Under Armour to iContact, to show that every one of them has had a "hockey stick" growth history, starting with a tinkering period, moving through the daunting "blade years" before finally making it to the crucial inflection point that precedes surging growth.

In this simple but incredibly helpful book, Martin takes us through each of those four stages of the hockey stick pattern, giving us a road map that will help any entrepreneur navigate the inevitable ups and downs of their business's early years.

A guide to what to expect when you first start a business, based on the author's study of 114 different start-ups and their growth patterns.

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