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The Good Negress: A Novel

A. J. Verdelle

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01 Jan 2017
320 pages - 209 x 139 x 20mm


Twenty years after its initial publication, The Good Negress continues to be an important part of the literary canon, as relevant and necessary as ever. Set in 1960s Detroit, The Good Negress focuses on young Denise Palms, who moves to Detroit to reunite with her mother, new stepfather, and two older brothers. Raised mostly by her grandmother in rural Virginia, Denise's role in Detroit is to cook, clean, go to school, and take care of her mother's baby when it comes. But an idealistic, demanding teacher opens Denise's eyes to a future she's never considered, and when the two worlds begin to clash, Denise is pulled between education and family, ambition and duty. The destinies of her mother and brothers - one designed to his menial job, the other to a path of crime - foretell the limits of her own future, and Denise must decide if she will determine her own way forward.
First published in 1995, this provocative debut, hailed by Toni Morrison as "truly extraordinary," is now in paperback. A. J. Verdelle tells the story of a young girl who is transformed by the lessons of an inspiring teacher and comes to question her role in the world and in her family in the years leading up to the Detroit riots.
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