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The Girl's Guide

Melissa Kirsch

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01 May 2015
640 pages - 229 x 152 x 40mm

Lena Dunham. Mindy Kaling. Zooey Deschanel. All girls of the moment, all proof that girl culture has reached a veritable tipping point. But as young women look to claim their "girl" territory, they need a guide more than ever. Welcome, Melissa! Hailed as "a veritable bible for post-college and premarital women" (Newsday) and "required reading for any woman with ambition" (Susan Jane Gilman), The Girl's Guide-previously published as The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything-is the indispensable source of information for women striking out on their own, a colossal cheat sheet on everything from surviving a first real job to the delicate enterprise of defriending.

In this fully updated and revised edition of her guidebook, now for a new group of readers, Melissa Kirsch navigates the most stressful and personal subject matter with the wit and humour of a recently been-there smart older sister. She is authoritative and compassionate, funny and approachable, lively and intelligent. In addition, she draws on the wisdom of sexperts, psychotherapists, a nutritionist, an internist, and a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The book covers everything a reader will need to know about everything: why you shouldn't wear peep-toe heels to a job interview or spray on your favourite perfume before a plane trip; how to clean up a Facebook faux pas, find an apartment, identify the dateable few from the psychotic masses, deal with overanxious parents, make quick money (hello TaskRabbit and Airbnb), and live a life that doesn't suck. The Girl's Guide is the book that shows the way forward for every young woman graduating from school and heading off to find her place in a big, exciting, uncertain world.

A through-the-book revision of the colossal cheat sheet for the hip girl's post college years, formerly published as The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything. It's the perfect combination of solid advice and been-there secrets, all delivered in Melissa Kirsch's fresh, personal, funny voice.

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