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The Garden in Every Sense and Season: A Year of Insights and Inspiration from My Garden

Tovah Martin

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Paperback (BC)
01 Apr 2021
Timber Press
232 pages - 203 x 152 x 15mm


So much of gardening is focused on seasonal to-do lists and daily upkeep. But what about taking time to just enjoy the garden? The Garden in Every Sense and Season urges you to revel in what you’ve created. From the heady fragrance of spring lilacs to the delicious silence of a winter snowfall, writer and lifelong gardener Tovah Martin explores the glories of her garden using the five senses. Her sage advice and gratifying reflections on the rewards of a more mindful way of gardening will inspire you to look closer, breathe deeper, listen harder, and truly savor the gifts of your garden.
The Garden in Every Sense and Season 9781604697452 (HB), The Unexpected Houseplant 9781604692433 (PB)
Beginning with the heady blooms of spring and closing with putting the garden to bed in winter, Tovah Martin shares 100 essays that beautifully evoke the sensory experience of being in the garden.
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