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The Boy Who Killed Grant Parker: A Novel

Kat Spears

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01 Oct 2016
288 pages - 210 x 140 x 25mm

Luke Grayson’s life might as well be over when he’s forced to live in rural Tennessee with his Baptist pastor father. His reputation as a troublemaker has followed him there, and as an outsider, Luke is automatically under suspicion by everyone from the principal at his new school to the local police chief. His social life is no better. The new kid in town is an easy target for Grant Parker, the local golden boy with a violent streak who has the entire community of Ashland under his thumb.

But things go topsy-turvy when a freak accident removes Grant from the top of the social pyramid, replacing him with Luke. This fish out of water has suddenly gone from social outcast to hero in a matter of twenty-four hours. For the students who have lived in fear of Grant all their lives, this is a welcome change. But Luke’s newfound fame comes with a price. Nobody knows the truth about what really happened to Grant Parker except for Luke, and the longer he keeps living the lie, the more like Grant Parker he becomes.

SWAY (Hardcover) ISBN 9781250051431, (Paperback) ISBN 9781250051424 and BREAKAWAY ISBN 9781250086013
From the critically acclaimed author of Sway and Breakaway, comes a high stakes contemporary story of a city teen who moves to a small town and finds himself head to head with the local bully.

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