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The Big Fat Complete Math Workbook (UK Edition)

Workman Publishing

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Paperback (BC)
01 Sep 2021
432 pages - 229 x 175 x 20mm


Practice makes As with a fill-in workbook from the editors of the Big Fat Notebooks! This hands-on Big Fat Math Workbook equals being tutored by the best teacher in the school, through a recap of every key concept using definitions, examples, and special services like THINK, showing just how to get into the concept, and REMEMBER, summing up critical facts. Plus: Sample problems worked out step by step. 600 exercises and word problems. A solution process instead of an answer key to guide students through each problem they missed or to reinforce how they succeeded.
9780761196884 Everything You Need to Ace Maths in One Big Fat Notebook
Something NEW for Big Fat Notebook middle school fans: a write-in workbook for practicing and perfecting the concepts a student is learning in middle school math class.
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