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The Big Book of Tricks for the Best Dog Ever: A Step-by-Step Guide to 112 Amazing Tricks and Stunts

Larry Kay

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Paperback (BC)
25 Mar 2019
352 pages - 228 x 178 x 22mm


Embark on a beautiful and meaningful adventure with your dog! Teaching your dog to do tricks is a guaranteed way for you and your pet to bond more deeply. It will also help you discover more of your dog’s real personality - even hidden talents - while instilling you, the trainer, with confidence and connection. And it’s never been easier than with The Big Book of Tricks for the Best Dog Ever, which uses the power of positive reinforcement and illustrated step-by-step instructions to show how you to teach your dog 112 tricks and stunts. Cowritten by two masters - Larry Kay, coauthor of the award-winning bestseller Training the Best Dog Ever, and Chris Perondi, master trainer and owner of Stunt Dog Productions, which conducts more than 1,000 performances a year - The Big Book of Tricks works for dogs of all ages, puppy on up. (Yes, now you can teach an old dog new tricks.) Organised from beginner (Fetch, Paw Shake [and Fist Bump], Play ’Possum, Tug and Release) to advanced (vaulting off your knee, weaving through agility poles, running through a parkour course), these tricks run the gamut from the kinds of things any well-behaved pet should know to stunts that will wow your friends and family and, if photographed or filmed and shared, seriously raise your dog-owner social media profile. Be positive, celebrate your bond, and have fun - it’s the best way to spend time with the best dog ever.
A step-by-step guide to more than 100 dog tricks, specially designed for effective training, for pure fun, and even for turning your dog into a YouTube star, from the coauthor of the tremendously successful and much-praised Training the Best Dog Ever and the genius behind Stunt Dog Productions, who performs more than 1,000 shows a year with a professional troupe of rescue mixed-breed dogs.
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