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The Artisanal Kitchen

The Artisanal Kitchen: Gluten-Free Holiday Cookies: More Than 30 Recipes to Sweeten the Season

Alice Medrich

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Hardback (BB)
01 Sep 2020
112 pages - 178 x 140 x 10mm
The Artisanal Kitchen


Holidays are the time for baking and enjoying cookies and treats, and those with gluten sensitivities shouldn’t have to miss out. Baking with flavour flours - oat flour, sorghum flour, teff, coconut flour, and nut flours, like almond and hazelnut - means that everyone can enjoy holiday treats, from the classic Chocolate Chip Cookie to the decadent Peanut Crunch Brownies. Alternative flours make these cookies and bars gluten-free. And rather than simply adding starch and structure to a dessert (as is the case with wheat flour), these flours elevate the taste of every cookie and bar too. With seasonal favourites like Quince and Orange-Filled Chestnut Cookies, Chocolate Sablés, and Brown Sugar Pecan Cookies, these recipes - adapted from Alice Medrich’s Flavour Flours - make a must-have mini compendium of decadent gluten-free holiday desserts.
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In the latest addition to the Artisanal Kitchen series, baking expert Alice Medrich offers more than 30 gluten-free holiday baking recipes for festive cookies, shortbread, bars, and more adapted from her James Beard Award winning book Flavor Flours.
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