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Temperate Garden Plant Families: The Essential Guide to Identification and Classification

Peter Goldblatt

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Hardback (BB)
01 Jul 2019
Timber Press
336 pages - 236 x 190 x 29mm


Determining which family a plant belongs to is a crucial horticultural skill. Organizing plants by family provides a framework for thinking about plant characteristics and for arranging thousands of plant names in a coherent and predictive pattern. This is especially important now, as advances in DNA analysis have recently altered much of the world of botanical taxonomy. In Temperate Garden Plant Families, Peter Goldblatt and John C. Manning teach readers how to identify the most horticulturally important temperate plant families. Introductory information includes an overview of family classification, plant nomenclature, and plant morphology. The comprehensive A–Z of plants includes profiles that include information on the number of species and genera, plant form, flowers, fruit, and a short description. Each profile is illustrated with colour photographs and botanical illustrations. This comprehensive identification guide is for botany and horticultural professionals, nurserymen, advanced gardeners, and students of botany and horticulture.
The first comprehensive identification guide to include new classifications based on DNA analysis, this resource helps readers identify the 140 most important temperate plant families.
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