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Stack Your Bones: 100 Simple Lessons for Realigning Your Body and Moving With Ease

Ruthie Fraser

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Hardback (BB)
01 Sep 2017
The Experiment
224 pages - 185 x 134 x 16mm


Feel your bones. Get grounded. Relax. Learn to do less. Your body responds to events and stresses in your life: Your back may tense up, shoulders slouch forward, hips veer off to the right or left. Slowly, without noticing, you shift out of balance. Now, in Stack Your Bones, movement teacher Ruthie Fraser helps you unwind and realign through 100 simple lessons in Structural Integration. By becoming more aware of your body - its habits, structure, and needs - you can relieve pain and move with ease once again. Learn to Find Your Feet, Root and Expand, Make It Simple, Vary Your Route, Tackle the Imbalances, and 95 other ways to befriend your body!
Stack Your Bones is a fun and easy way for anyone to improve and befriend their body. This user-friendly instructional deck offers enlightening bite-sized practices that are applicable to daily life, exercise, and personal growth. Based in the wisdom of Structural Integration, Stack Your Bones guides the user in concrete movement activities, introspective visualizations, and key concepts for structural health in the body. Stack Your Bones defines movement wellness and lights the path for getting there.
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